Nov 19, 2019 - 06:37 pm

Recycling tyres to turn into EV chargers


British on-street charge point provider Connected Kerb and tyre developer ENSO have announced a strategic partnership. ENSO will supply end-of-life tyres to be recycled into Connected Kerb’s EV smart charging stations.

The cooperation is hoped to help “accelerating the two companies’ market-leading environmental initiatives,” according to the press release.

Connected Kerb has developed compact chargers for electric cars that can be mounted on curbs, traffic sign poles or boundary bollards at the roadside for some time as reported. The devices, which are about 30 centimetres high and cost 2,000 euros, have always incorporated recycled material and offer connectivity at slow charging rates.

For ENSO, the announcement comes at the heels of developing more durable tyres for electric vehicles with a view to energy-efficiency.

The partners have not disclosed any further information on the scope of the recycling partnership.

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