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Cybertruck gets the last laugh


After the Tesla Cybertruck presentation boo-boo with the “bulletproof” windows and the cracked glass, both BMW and Lego haven’t wasted any time to make fun of it. But who will get the last laugh?

Start off with the best: Lego and their Twitter followers use their schadenfreude to have a good giggle at the window incident in Tesla’s presentation of the Cybertruck, which they then take to some really fun places. Take a look at a great example of self-deprecating humour and slapstick in this hilarious thread.

Not so funny is BMW’s effort. They made a valiant effort for a bit of schadenfreude, which mostly backfires… It seems all of BMW’s failures get highlighted in their attempt to poke fun at Tesla.

Meanwhile, those who laugh last, laugh the hardest. While Lego and BMW posted these burn attempts a couple of days ago, Elon Musk was dealing with a flurry of pre-orders in the hundreds of thousands in the same period. His tweet probably counts as the last laugh in this case. Enjoy. (Lego), (BMW), (Tesla/Elon Musk)


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