Software update to improve Tesla Model 3 mileage

After the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus received an update a few weeks ago for more charging capacity, the charging capacity of the mid-range version has also been noticeably increased.

According to media reports, the latest update allows the Tesla mid-range models to charge up to 200 kW. However, the update only affects the USA: The Model 3 Mid Range with 418 kilometres EPA range was only built between October 2018 and March 2019 and was not officially exported to Europe.

With the update of the Model 3 SR+ to 170 kW at the beginning of November, all Model 3 variants can now use the full power of the V2 superchargers of up to 150 kW. At least in the USA, the expansion of the V3 superchargers, which on selected models (such as the Model 3 Long Range and Performance) allow up to 250 kW charging capacity, is progressing slowly.

Besides, Tesla is probably still working on a new way of selectively expanding its charging network. According to pictures and videos shared by the Tesla community in the USA, the Californian electric car manufacturer has begun to use mobile superchargers on truck trailers powered by megapack batteries. It appears to be a new option to respond to temporary peaks in demand. The solution could be particularly interesting given the launch of the Model Y next year when Tesla’s supercharger network threatens to reach its limits despite the continuous expansion. (Model 3 Mid Range), (mobile Supercharger)


about „Software update to improve Tesla Model 3 mileage“
02.12.2019 um 17:39
Right now my model 3 is on the 36. Something software, no increase in mileage or increase in the 310 miles battery. Why is this even being marketed as 310 miles, since you are supposed to charge on at 80 %?
JR Rodman
09.12.2019 um 19:04
It is expected that we would charge to 80 percent in normal use, but to higher levels when traveling distances.
03.12.2019 um 12:39
Because that's its EPA range. Do you have one? Just like your not supposed to run your gas car at redline, you dont use all the capabilities unless you need to.
03.12.2019 um 11:13
Do you need a range of 310 miles every day? You can safely charge to 90% charge daily if you really need it. Elon mentioned that on Twitter. Search for Like Tesla battery charging on YouTube.If you ever need 310 miles, charge to 100%. If it's cold in your area, expect a 30% drop in range for your current driving style. Drive at a lower speed on the highway, make sure your tires are filled, put smaller 18" wheels with the aero covers and turn off the air heater and use the seat heaters if you really need the range. Gasoline cars are affected by car speed too, but not the use of the heater since they use heat from the inefficient burning of gasoline.
03.12.2019 um 00:32
Charge to 90% daily if you'd like. If you're going to leave soon and need to go far, charge to 100%. 100% is meant for road trips mostly. Doesn't hurt to do it, there's company's that do 100% charge, a few times a day at Superchargers, and their vehicles are fine.
Brant Wedel
02.12.2019 um 23:24
It's totally fine to use 100% for road trips, which is the only time most need it (and when they needed it most), but yep maybe they needed an asterisk that says 310 EPA miles achieved on full charge, 80% recommended.
02.12.2019 um 21:57
Yeah, I was a bit disappointed buying the SR+ because I figured it could get that many miles when in facts it's much less considering you're not supposed to charge to 100% or even let it drain down under like 20%... Mine only ever said 234miles at 100% charge and if you include phantom drain, this is still efficient, but not as efficient as I had hoped for...
02.12.2019 um 21:50
80% is a recommendation just like any other car company provides. If you're not concerned with the life of the batteries feel free to charge up to 100% and get your 310 miles.
02.12.2019 um 21:49
You are allowed to charge to 100% when you need the full range, and recommended to charge till 90% for daily use as a way of keeping battery healthy
Devin Serpa
02.12.2019 um 21:45
You may charge to 100% all you want. Charging to 90% will keep the full capacity longer.Besides, if you're fully charged you can't regenerate any power for several miles, so you're throwing away free power if you always fully charge.
02.12.2019 um 20:13
Because if you're driving a long distance and need charging stops in between, you should be setting the battery to 100% and using the entire battery until your trip is over.
JR Rodman
03.12.2019 um 18:58
Eighty percent charge is recommended for daily use, but can be exceeded when traveling long distances using SC network. This is what most Tesla owners do. When I travel I go up to 100 percent.
JR Rodman
03.12.2019 um 19:01
Majority of Tesla owners charge to full when traveling.
Don Lind
04.12.2019 um 03:24
In general, on a road trip, when using a supercharger, you usually only charge up to 80% or so because the charge rate has to slow down pretty drastically as the battery gets close to full. You'll generally get to your destination faster if you charge to 80 percent while on the road (unless you REALLY need the full range) and move on... As others have said, you CAN charge to 100% at a supercharger, but that last 20 percent will cost a lot of time. On a road trip, I'll leave home with a full charge but not waste time going past 80% at a supercharger (unless I'm eating lunch and not ready to hit the road anyway).

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