Emmy to double electric scooter fleet in Berlin


After Bosch has announced the end of its electric scooter sharing coup, competitor Emmy intends to expand its business intensely. In Hamburg, another 400 new Emmy electric scooters are also to be put on the streets.

Meanwhile, Emmy is operating in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Vienna with a sharing offer under its own name. In Düsseldorf (Eddy) and also in Stuttgart (Stella-Sharing), the startup operates as a system partner of the respective municipal utilities.

But first let’s get back to Berlin: Emmy has so far used around 800 purely electric rental scooters in the German capital. Following Coup’s withdrawal from Berlin, Emmy founder Valerian Seither has announced that he will significantly expand his business. “We want to at least double our portfolio by the 2020 summer season,” says Seither. And continues: “Although the industry is highly competitive, it is actually attractive and valid. There is a high demand – and we are noticing it too”. While Coup announced that it would not be possible to continue “economically not possible in the long run on the highly competitive sharing market with high costs at the same time”, the Emmy founder, on the other hand, disagrees. Since then, he says, “we definitely see the way to profitability” and hopes to make a profit with Emmy in the next 18 months.

There is also news from Hamburg. In the Hanseatic city, the sharing provider wants to put no fewer than 400 new electric scooters on the road. The provider wants to cooperate with a new manufacturer. First of all, however, Emmy will probably pause in Hamburg until the beginning of March 2020, as a fire has paralyzed the provider’s charging infrastructure in the Hanseatic city, according to Emmy’s website. (Berlin, German), (Hamburg, German)


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