Dec 6, 2019 - 06:27 pm

Last chance to be obnoxious before electrification

mercedes-amg-gle-53-4matic (1)

While the discussion about car emissions is increasingly focusing on noise (and here too the advantages of electric vehicles are becoming clear), Daimler is taking a different approach. Mercedes-AMG has introduced a feature called “Emotion Start” in new fossil-fuelled models that makes AMG cars even louder when the engine starts.

Now you can really give the neighbours something to complain about and rev up the engine with the “Emotion Start” for extra decibels. If the driver holds one of the shift paddles during engine start-up, the exhaust flaps are opened and the engine turns slightly higher than normal when it starts up. What is unclear, is whether this is supposed to start the emotions of the driver, or the people in the vicinity of the vehicle.

The very clunky title is as embarrassing as it is cheesy, as Road and Track report: “It’s so German, it hurts.” But the logic is clear: get your chance to really makes some noise and smell before electric engines come in – a bit like wanting to go skiing before the slopes disappear, or visit the Australian bush before it all burns up… wait, no it’s not.  Clearly it’s time for the announced AMG PHEV models to come onto the market., (with video)


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