Telsa gets recognition from competition


The German car industry has “decided” to recognise Tesla’s achievements. VW congratulated Tesla in a newspaper ad on its choice of Model 3 as “Swiss Car of the Year 2020” but promises that the competition will become stronger next year with the ID.3.

“See you next year,” writes VW. We are curious to see how the spread will look in Switzerland, and the rest of Europe for that matter, in 12 months! After all, Model 3 has a lead of about half a year until the ID.3 is to be delivered in summer.

Tesla received additional, even more, unusual praise in Canada: An Infiniti dealer in Quebec congratulated a loyal customer on the purchase of a Tesla Model 3. He wanted to switch to an electric car and Infiniti has nothing to offer in this segment. To at least keep the customer in the dealership (officially only until Infiniti brings its first BEV, of course), the dealer bought a Model 3 and delivered it to his customer. In this case, we are curious whether the customer will really switch back to an Infiniti when the time comes for the Japanese company. (VW), (Infiniti), (Original post of Infiniti dealer)


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