Dec 18, 2019 - 10:28 am

Kalashnikov takes aim for an electric racer

The Russian weapons manufacturer Kalashnikov has presented another electric vehicle. Following a several durable vehicle concepts in the past, the new vehicle is limited to two wheels: The café racer is an electric motorcycle concept reminiscent of more classic British bikes.

Following the retro-look electric car and a hybrid buggy, as well as a small electric car for taxi use, photos of a prototype of an electric motorcycle in the style of a café racer have now been presented. The electric motorcycle features a 50 kW lithium-ion battery, however performance could be improved a little from the 60 mile range and 60 mph top speed. So far no moves toward commercialization have been announced, so we can likely expect something a bit more robust when Kalashnikov hits the stores.


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  1. ralph

    Like the looks, the range (and top speed) is terrible though.

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