Jan 10, 2020 - 01:52 pm

When powerful things come in small packages

Driftech Electric Racing has installed a Tesla drive in a go-kart. It has a power output of 450 kW at a weight of only 450 kilos. The curious racing vehicle was spotted at a car show in Sydney, Australia.

The exterior is just as innocuous as any other racing go-kart. Unlike other go-karts, the driver is not sitting in the middle but slightly shifted to the right of the kart. To the left of the driver is the reduced battery pack because it wasn’t possible to mount the battery pack under the occupants in the flat facing kart like you usually would in a car. Mounting it behind the driver would not only have made the kart considerably longer but would also have led to unfavourable weight distribution. But see for yourself in the video what the designer says about the Tesla-Kart:

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Found on electrive.com
10.01.2020 13:24