Hamburg police adds Opel Ampera-e to fleet

The Hamburg police have received the first seven of a total of 16 radio patrol cars with electric drive. They are the Opel Ampera-e. According to the police, the electric fleet will be used mainly for traffic surveillance as part of the local presence.

This means that the electric cars will be used for these tasks mainly by employees in the police department (AIP), not by police officers. Nevertheless, the electric vehicles of the Hamburg police force seem to be important, as the Hamburg police chief Ralf Martin Meyer was also present when the first seven vehicles were handed over to the head of the protective police force, Hartmut Dudde.

Among other things, the Ampera-e are equipped with a blue light and also have the blue-neon-yellow “visibility elements” stuck on them to keep up with the look of the other police vehicles. But there is one difference: a small sticker on the front bonnet in the form of a green cable (together with the E license plate) is supposed to make clear that this is an electric car. The vehicles will be charged both at the police station and at public charging stations in the city.

But also outside the police fleet, the number of electric cars in the Hanseatic city is expected to increase significantly soon. The Hamburg Senate wants the city’s approximately 3,700 taxis and rental vehicles to be powered exclusively by electricity by 2030. This is according to the first update of the Hamburg climate plan. However, a new law must first come into force at the federal level so that local taxi companies are allowed to make their emission regulations.

The Taxi-Union Hansa Hamburg welcomed this decision to the TV channel NDR but also demanded more taxi exclusive charging points during the prescribed conversion. Chairman Christian Brüggmann fears, among other things, that the charging points will otherwise be occupied by car-sharing cars. According to Brüggmann, there are currently only two electric taxis in Hamburg.,,, (All in German)


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