Skeleton to deliver ultra capacitors for Warsaw trams


Ultracapacitors from Estonia’s Skeleton Technologies will in future also be used in the trams of Poland’s capital city Warsaw. This is provided for in a contract that Skeleton has now concluded with the drive specialist Medcom.

The ultracapacitor systems from Skeleton Technologies are designed to save energy in the trams and cushion peak loads. Like an electric car, trams can recover energy during deceleration by means of recuperation. Since the braking process only takes a few seconds and the energy does not need to be stored for a long time before the next acceleration, ultracapacitors are well suited here.

These “allows both energy savings and protection of the infrastructure from high power peaks,” adds a Medcom spokesperson. According to the announcement, the ultra-caps should be able to reach one million cycles.

Skeleton Technologies had already received an order for similar systems for trams in Germany this summer, in a collaboration with Skoda Electric. At that time, the Estonia-born company had already announced further rail projects, but still for 2019, now it has become January 2020.


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