Feb 10, 2020 - 11:55 am

An epic electric journey across the Sahara

At the vintage automobile Retromobile Show in Paris car show in Paris, Citroën announced that in 2022, it will be undertaking the epic journey across the Sahara with all-electric vehicles.

The date marks the 100-year anniversary of the brand’s crossing in 1922 with the Golden Scarab, the first motorised vehicle to have made the journey.

The challenge will be undertaken from 19 December 2022 to 7 January 2023, crossing some 3,170 kilometres in those 21 days. The electric vehicles will include “electric vehicles from production for assistance” for two replica half-tracks from the first crossing: Golden Scarab and Silver Crescent, as well as an all-electric future concept car.

The company did not reveal the charging strategy for making the distance, which is additionally difficult because of the sand and the dunes that will suck up a lot of energy – this will no doubt be an interesting challenge during the journey.

By crossing the distance from Touggourt in Algeria to Timbuktu in Mali Citroën is not for the commemoration of the epic journey undertaken 100 years ago but also for the “promotion of innovative and sustainable forms of mobility.”

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