Chevrolet launches Menlo EV sales in China


Chevrolet has started selling its first all-electric model on the Chinese market. The Menlo EV is a fully electric SUV with a NEDC range of up to 410 kilometers and is available at prices starting at 159,900 yuan (approx. 21,000 euros) after the government subsidy.

The most expensive of the four variants comes at a price of 179,900 yuan, around 23,650 euros. According to General Motors, the Menlo EV will initially only be offered in Beijing. “It will meet the performance and styling demands of our customers and at the same time provide the efficiency that new energy vehicle owners expect,” said Scott Lawson, Chevrolet’s general manager at the SAIC-GM joint venture.

It is the third battery electric model in China for General Motors Group. Introduced in November 2019, the Menlo EV is the first Chevrolet, but is based on the Buick Velite 6 EV also available in China. In addition, the joint venture SAIC-GM builds and markets the E200, a small electric car under the Baojun brand.

The Menlo EV comes with LED headlights, a 10-inch touch screen and an eight-inch fully digital cockpit. With up to 1,077 litres of storage space, the dynamically designed SUV should also offer a high utility value. In addition, the car’s software can be updated wirelessly, the insotainment also supports Apple CarPlay and the Baidu CarLife system, which is important in China.

GM states the power of the electric motor at 110 kW, the maximum torque at 350 Newton meters. The capacity of the high-voltage storage unit is not mentioned, only the range of 410 kilometers determined according to the NEDC and a power consumption of 13.1 kWh per 100 kilometers. With direct current, it should be possible to charge the battery to 80 percent in 40 minutes.

The warranty on the drive components is 160,000 kilometres or eight years. The guarantee is transferred when the battery is resold, which should ensure a high residual value. The export of the model to the USA or other countries is not planned.

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