European Model 3 almost sold out for the quarter


The Tesla Model 3 is apparently almost sold out in Europe for this quarter. As of this week, Tesla has indicated that May will be the expected delivery date for the Model 3 in almost all European countries. The company previously forecast delivery in March.

According to the Tesla configurator, the new delivery date forecast applies to all variants of Model 3, i.e. currently the Standard Range+, Dual Motor and Performance versions. Before Tesla adjusted the forecast on its own website, several customers took to Twitter to spread the news about the delivery date being postponed to May.

With the current production in Fremont for the Model 3 (as well as the Model S and X), deliveries in Europe are always dependent on the capacity of transport ships. The exact number of vehicles per ship is not known (and is likely to vary slightly depending on the ship), but it is likely that all Model 3 currently en route to Europe have already been sold or assigned to a customer. The next ship is not expected to arrive in Europe until the second quarter, which explains the delivery date of May.

In the case of the Model Y, this dependence on ship transport will probably not exist in Europe, since Tesla is not planning to export Model Y from California to Europe because the electric car is to be built for the European market at the Gigafactory 4 in Grünheide, Brandenburg. As long as production there is not up and running yet, there will probably be no Model Y in Europe, with the exception of some imports in negligible numbers of course.

After a legal dispute causing a clearing stop, the work in Grünheide is apparently progressing rapidly. According to observers, the first part of the forest clearing for the planned factory (about 90 hectares) has now been completed. According to a Twitter user, the harvester machines should already be removed by Sunday. All in all, the work is said to have taken less than seven days. Another 60 hectares are expected to be cleared in the fall, the entire area covers about 300 hectares., (configurator), (Grünheide in German)


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11.03.2020 um 20:48
Hi, Please can you confirm whether your statement that Model Y will not be shipped to Europe from the US is based on assumption or a direct source? If it's a public source, please can you provide a link. Thanks.

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