General Motors integrates charging into app


General Motors announced an upgrade for their myChevrolet mobile phone app to include features to help Chevrolet Bolt drivers to find available charging options.

The app has already been around a bit and is available to anyone driving a Chevrolet vehicle, however, it now includes bonus features for Bolt EV drivers, which the company says will help simplify payment processes, as well as discover which public charging stations are available locally.

Previously the app had also included navigation functions, but the inclusion of availability and locations of EVgo and ChargePoint Network charging stations will certainly help simplify the process for US American EV drivers. The Energy Assist function also helps keep tabs on the state of charge, as well as notifying the driver should the battery charge not suffice to reach the programmed location, due to traffic or environmental effects on the battery, for example.

There is also a rating option for the charging station, which may help improve service across the board for EV drivers, far beyond the scope of GM’s app users. However, the app is not free – Bolt EV buyers will receive 5 years of free service on the app, but drivers who purchased their car after May 2018 will have to choose between the ‘Remote Access’ plan for $14.99 per month or pay $39.99 per month for the ‘Unlimited Access’ plan.,,


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