GreenGo electric car-sharing expands to Prague


The Hungarian provider GreenGo is starting an electric car-sharing service in Prague. The fleet will initially comprise of 100 VW e-Up and is to be doubled within three months. GreenGo is also active in Budapest, where the fleet was expanded last year from 45 to 300 electric cars.

According to local media, the business area in the Czech capital will cover 35 square kilometres in the city centre. Customers can locate, unlock and pay for the cars via apps.

GreenGo offers different price models for its service. The ‘Basic’ tariff functions as a pay-per-use variant with a price per minute of 7.80 Czech crowns (0.31 euros) and a stand-by price during parking breaks of 1.90 Czech crowns per minute (0.08 euros). There is also a ‘Superdrive’ tariff for frequent drivers. The latter combines a monthly flat rate of 99 Czech crowns (3.91 euros) with a cheaper minute (6 Czech crowns or 0.24 euros) and stand-by price (1.5 Czech crowns per minute or 0.06 euros). Booking a vehicle is free of charge up to half an hour before use. If the customers need longer to reach the rented car, the stand-by price is charged.

Overall, the prices are thus slightly higher than in Budapest. There, for example, the regular price per minute is 80 HUF, the equivalent of 0.24 euros, and the monthly flat rate is 990 HUF, or 2.92 euros. GreenGo manager Bálint Michaletzky sees electric car-sharing established in Budapest and accordingly ready for the next step: “We wanted to expand into a Central European city that offers great business opportunities, has a high affinity to the culture of carsharing, has some similarities with Budapest in terms of size and is close to our home town,” Michaletzky explains the location decision.

With reporting by Cora Werwitzke, France.

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