Honda to start flexible charging with e:Progress this year


Honda intends to introduce the energy management service e:Progress in Europe this year. The basis for the electricity tariff is a flexible energy contract tailored to owners of electric cars.

The service itself consists of a charger, an intelligent charge control system and the aforementioned electricity tariff. The aim is to promote the use of electricity from renewable sources and also to enable charging at the most cost-effective time depending on current demand. The new service is being offered in cooperation with the charging and energy management specialist Moixa and energy supplier Vattenfall. The project was first announced by Honda in October (before it was called e.Progress) when the company announced that it was accelerating its electrical plans for Europe. Around the same time it was still said that a Letter of Intent had been signed with Vattenfall.

Now a more precise scope of the service is emerging. The hardware in the form of a 22 kW AC wall box comes from Honda, the green electricity is supplied by Vattenfall and the GridShare system from Moixa is used to control the charging process. Customers can enter their individual parameters (such as the planned departure time and the desired charge level) via a smartphone app, and the software then regulates the charging process accordingly. However, the exact conditions of the tariff have not yet been revealed.

According to their press release, Honda intends to deliver the charging stations from summer. The e:Progress service is to start in Great Britain first, while Germany and other European countries should apparently follow.

Jørgen Pluym, Project Manager Energy Management at Honda Motor Europe said: “This is our first move into a service business model in the energy space, and we are committed to continuing to invest and develop in this area as part of the move towards electrification and widespread adoption of electric vehicles.”, honda


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