Lucid Motors to opt for direct sales model

Lucid Motors, the electric car start-up, has announced details of its sales and service strategy and nine Lucid Studios showroom locations in the USA. The first showroom has already opened at the company’s headquarters in Newark, California.

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Eight more showrooms are to follow this year, some of which are already under construction. Lucid has announced locations in New York City, Miami and West Palm Beach in Florida and several in California such as Beverly Hills, Santa Clara and in and around Los Angeles.

Similar to Tesla, Lucid Motors is relying on direct sales, although Tesla has of course already built up more than 200 Tesla Stores worldwide with a lead of several years. The retail space is being developed “in cooperation with leading Californian design firms,” the company writes in a press release. The studios are to be characterised by “colour and material themes” that are intended to recall the Californian origins of Lucid Motors.

“We thoughtfully developed Lucid’s retail strategy to provide customers with very specific experiences when they enter our studios and engage with our representatives,” says Peter Rawlinson, CEO and CTO of Lucid Motors, according to the announcement. “From the materials they view and touch, the experience of the VR configurator, the design of the studios in the context of the vehicles, and along with the physical locations of the studios themselves, everything comes together for our customers to absorb and appreciate the values infused into the Lucid brand”.

For further planning, Lucid wants to follow customer demand. For example, the Californian studios in Silicon Valley and Beverly Hills will initially be upgraded with service centres, and in 2021 the remaining US studios and the first European locations will be getting service centres – that being said, the exact locations for Europe have not yet been revealed. Lucid says they intend to base the choice of future locations on the regional distribution of reservations.

Lucid plans to present the series version of its electric sedan Air at the New York Auto Show in April (if it takes place). Further details on specifications, available configurations and pricing information will then be published. At the end of 2020, production is scheduled to start at the Casa Grande plant under construction in Arizona.

Update 31 March 2020: Not surprisingly, the above-mentioned presentation of the series version of the Lucid Air electric sedan has been postponed due to the Covid19 global pandemic. The current plan is to hold the presentation in August this year. Despite delay in the timing of the presentation, the planned production start for the Lucid Air at the end of this year does not seem to be in danger. 

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