ABB now covers home charging with Terra AC Wallbox


Until now, ABB used the name Terra for DC charging stations, but now the Swiss company has expanded its range with the Terra AC Wallbox for charging electric cars at home. The new wall box offers up to 22 kW and is scheduled to be available worldwide from May 2020.

The home EV charging unit should be compatible with “electrical systems of houses and buildings around the world”. Customers will also be able to use their own energy, such as solar power from the photovoltaic system, for charging with the ABB wall box. To this end, the Terra AC is equipped with an energy meter that can be integrated into intelligent building energy management systems and enables advanced load management functions.

The wall box can also be controlled remotely via an app and the cloud connection – via Bluetooth, WLAN or ethernet. In this way, software updates can also be installed or the settings changed. The cloud connection is also designed to minimise the need for on-site intervention. For public applications, charging processes can be authenticated via RFID or app.

The wall box itself is relatively small, which is clearly a conscious decision on ABB’s part. “Space-saving design enables seamless installation on a wall or pedestal, which can accommodate two chargers back-to-back,” the company writes in the corresponding press release. The charger’s small size means that there is no integrated cable management. It is also dust and waterproof, which means that the Terra AC Wallbox can be installed outdoors even in “rough weather conditions”.

Frank Muehlon, head of ABB’s global business for infrastructure solutions for electromobility described the home EV charging unit as being, “easy to install and use, it will integrate seamlessly with the digital lifestyle of today’s consumers, allowing them to efficiently manage their energy usage”.

It should be possible to order the AC Wallbox via the ABB partner network. The Swiss-Swedish company did not reveal prices for the home charging unit in their press release.


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