Mar 16, 2020 - 08:44 pm

Tesla owners represent “their” company in Kansas


Because Missouri’s car dealer association prohibited Tesla from participating in the Kansas City Auto Show, Tesla owners unceremoniously organized an exhibition of private Tesla vehicles themselves – in the parking lot of the exhibition grounds.

Tesla fan love knows little boundaries, and this is just another example. We were reminded of times when Texas banned Tesla from selling in the state due to its lack of franchise dealerships, and Missouri’s argument is no different.

The car dealer association behind the show and their bylaws prevent Tesla from being a member. In a statement obtained by electrek, they said: “A sales and service agreement with an automaker is the criteria to join the association. Tesla’s business model doesn’t include franchised dealership, thus they do not belong to the association.”

However, it is not unusual to see private-owned vehicles at the Kansas City Auto Show, so we suspect a measure of “protection” behind the move.

Yet, Tesla owners remained unfazed and gathered in front of the exhibition halls anyway, likely making a bigger impression than they could have ever had inside the halls. In their announcement of the independent show, the local Tesla owners club promised to “answer questions about life with a Tesla”. It must be love.


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  1. J. L. Brown

    On the one hand, Tesla is nothing special. They are just the first company to make serious numbers of no-compromise, compelling, practical, fun, attractive Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs), and not pricing them 20k more than the equivalent gasser, or restricting it to selected ‘compliance’ markets.

    On the other hand, that does make Tesla pretty special.

    Anyone who has lived with a BEV realizes that they have several important advantages; BEV-love is not far behind. Any other automaker could have tapped this goodwill, any time in the last 25 years, by simply taking electric drivetrains seriously.

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