UK: Sharpfibre electrifies its fleet with Teslas


The UK fire protection contractor Sharpfibre has replaced their entire fleet with Tesla Model 3 vehicles. The ten battery-electric Teslas are now operating from Basildon, just outside London.

Sharpfibre runs on a total fleet of 20 vehicles – the ten previously mentioned Teslas and ten vans. To improve its environmental footprint, the company decided to convert from its hybrid fleet to an electric one. While no mention was made of when the vans will go fully electric, the company stated that they felt the time was right to fully electrify as sufficient chargers around the country would eliminate range anxiety. The fleet of nine long-range and one Performance Tesla Model 3 were provided by Gofor Finance, a fleet management service provider.

Sharpfibre MD David Harper, underlined the charging point, adding that a little planning would offer many benefits with only minimal inconvenience: “Journeys may take a little more planning, but there are now enough chargers around the country so that none of our drivers has ever run out of electricity and we have experienced very little range anxiety.”


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