Audi provides new EV platform details

Audi promises 30 electrified models by 2025, 20 of which will be BEVs. Audi USA has now provided further details of the four platforms on which these electric cars will be built. More information has also been revealed on the upcoming PPE architecture being developed jointly with Porsche.

Although Audi USA has not made mention of concrete models, Porsche has said that the electric Macan is to become the first PPE model, indicating an order of magnitude. For example, the Premium Platform Electric is to be established as the electric counterpart to the Modular Longitudinal Building Kit (MLB) for the large combustion engine models – which relates to models from A4 to A8 and Q5 to Q8. The PPE is thus theoretically suitable for all models from the mid-range upwards – whether as a low or high-floor version for saloons and station wagons or SUVs and sportbacks.

Not surprisingly, but also not yet confirmed, PPE battery-electric cars will be fitted with a rear-mounted engine in the basic versions. The models with a longer range will be equipped with a second electric motor on the front axle. An interesting detail is that Audi is adding the suffix “PSM or ASM” to this specification – so the company has apparently not yet decided whether a permanently excited synchronous motor or an asynchronous motor will be used on the front axle.

The PPE platform will use an 800-volt system and thus offer charging capacities of up to 350 kW. A graphic shows that the PPE skateboard, like the Audi e-tron and Porsche Taycan, will again have two charging ports. These will be placed above the rear wheels instead of being put behind the front wheels. It is not clear whether this will also be the position of the charging ports on the production vehicles.

Audi still has not made any statements about the planned performance data and battery capacities. Be that as it may, functions such as torque vectoring, air suspension and all-wheel steering will be made available.

The manufacturer has also not yet given a date as of when the first PPE electric motor will be available from Audi. It is clear, however, that the PPE models will replace the well-known e-tron. This is based on an adapted version of the MLB evo, i.e. the combustion platform.

The announced e-tron GT will take over the J1 platform of the Taycan developed by Porsche – but this too will probably be replaced in the medium term by the PPE with the 800-volt technology also used. As a performance platform, however, the J1 is designed much more for sports cars and less for modularity than the PPE.

The smaller Audi models – virtually the electric counterpart to the MQB combustion motor vehicles – will be based on Volkswagen’s MEB. The first of these vehicles, the Q4 e-tron, will also be built at the VW plant in Zwickau.

Audi wants to enter the electric age on the basis of these four kits – probably only two in the medium term with the MEB and the PPE. The Ingolstadt-based company plans to build 800,000 electric cars in 2025 – 40 per cent of the total sales volume hoped for by then.


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