Lightning Systems reveals mobile DC charger


EV powertrain developer Lightning Systems has just announced Lightning Mobile, a mobile DC fast charger for electric vehicles. The mobile fast charger can be quickly deployed to provide fast roadside charging to support the operation of electric fleet commercial vehicles.

The new mobile electric vehicle charger is specifically designed for commercial electric vehicles that have high-energy capacities and support DC fast charging.

Lightning Mobile is a mobile fast-charging station equipped with 192 kWh of high-energy-density, liquid-cooled DC battery storage in a package that can be transported in a vehicle or trailer for mobile deployment. The mobile fast charger can should be able to provide fast roadside charging to support the rapid deployment and flexible operation of electric fleet vehicles.

“Every fleet with electric commercial vehicles will benefit from mobile fast charging,” said Tim Reeser, CEO, Lightning Systems. “Uptime is the name of the game for fleets. While operators will schedule vehicle duties to include depot-based charging, there’s always the chance that a vehicle will need a top-up at another location or en route.”

The Colorado-based company says that Lightning Mobile can also be used to enable DC fast charging from Level 2 AC charging infrastructure. The mobile charging unit is charged from a standard Level 2 AC charger at up to 18 kW and can deliver DC Fast Charging at up to 80 kW and, optionally, Level 2 AC charging at up to 19.2 kW. The mobile charging station can also be used to make the most of off-peak utility rates by charging up storage when demand is low, ready for charging vehicles at any time.

Lightning Systems designs and manufactures all-electric powertrains for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, including delivery trucks, shuttle buses, passenger vans, chassis-cab models, and city transit buses. The Lightning Mobile charging station has been designed for installation in its Lightning Electric Transit 350HD cargo van, but the company says that system can be installed in any vehicle or trailer that meets the right size and weight specifications.


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