Templar Marine launches lower-cost e-boat Picnic

Canada’s electric boat manufacturer Templar Marine presents its latest model. The Picnic 20 is the little sister of the flagship Cruiser 26 with Torqeedo drive presented last year and prices for the 10-seater start at 49,900 Canadian dollars.

49,900 CAD is about 32,737 euros, and Templar Marine considers this the beginning of its “budget series” of plug-in electric boats. The smaller ship follows in the footsteps of Templar’s C26 Cruiser that was made for commercial use.

The Picnic series, in contrast, aims at private clients – with a large family or many friends as the little sister to the Cruiser shares a similar wrap around seating configuration that seats ten adults.

“We are extremely excited to release an environmentally friendly product at a very reasonable price point for families who will be focusing on local staycations and curbing expenses like $150 per day on fuel for gas boats,” describes Mark Fry, Templar Marine Groups Founder and CEO the positioning, which he considers “low-cost”.

Measuring 6 metres (20 feet) in length (and a 7-foot beamwidth) the smaller motor bay leaves enough room for this many boaters, adds the company. Templar sets a 6-hour continuous cruising range at 5 knots (9 mph/14 kph) with charging taking 8 hours at a 15amp 110v socket.

Technologically, however, the Picnic is a far cry from the Cruiser 26. The latter features a Torqueedo drive and six Li-ion batteries with an option for extension. The smaller Picnic boat comes with eight 6-Volt lead-acid batteries that pose a few questions on real sustainability.

Cruising on this E-boat, however, will indeed be silent and gentle on the ears of the underwater world and passengers alike.

Templar Marine offers the Picnic electric boat in North America and makes its plug-in ships in Western Canada. You can place an order directly via the company’s website.

Source: Press release via email

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