Citroën ë-Jumpy to hit markets this year

Citroën has just announced it is expecting to launch the all-electric version of the Jumper city van – called the ë-Jumpy – by the end of this year. The fully-electric electric Berlingo panel van should follow this in 2021.

This means that by 2021, an electrified version will be available for every van made by Citroën. With these announcements, the French carmaker says it is now launching its promised electrification offensive for commercial vehicles.

The fully-electric Jumpy has a payload of up to 1,275 kilograms and can be ordered with a trailer hitch with a towing capacity of up to one tonne for extra loads. Citroën is offering the electric van in three lengths including the new XS length (4.60 metres) and load volumes of between 4.6 cubic metres (XS without Moduwork) to 6.6 cubic metres (XL with Moduwork). Thanks to a loading width of 1.25 metres, Euro pallets can be transported easily, while the van’s height of 1.90 metres means that it can also move around in underground car parks.

In terms of performance data, battery and range, the Citroën ë-Jumpy is offered with either a 50 kWh battery for a range of up to 230 kilometres or a 75 kWh battery for a maximum of 330 kilometres according to WLTP. Both of these figures are slightly higher than when the fully electric van was announced. The batteries made up of either 18 or 27 modules are installed in the chassis thanks to the PSA Groupe’s  EMP2 multi-energy platform that Citroën says helps to maintain the charge volume. With an output of 100 kW (136 hp),  in all three driving modes (Eco, Normal, Power) the maximum speed is 130 km/h.

The electric van can be charged up to 100 KW at a public rapid charging station, where the 50 kWh battery can be recharged in 30 minutes and the 75 kWh battery in 45 minutes up to 80 per cent. At a 7.4 kW charging connection, the empty battery can be fully recharged in less than 8 hours. The electric transporter is also compatible with any conventional household socket.

Using the MyCitroën App, drivers can check things like the charge level, battery charge level and range, program the interior temperature before the start of the journey, and program delayed charging times. Besides, the Free2Move Services App3 enables customers to use the largest network of public charging stations in Europe with a total of 160,000 charging stations. The app lists all compatible and free charging stations, calculates the optimal route there and enables convenient billing of the charging process.

The fully electric versions of the Jumpy will mirror the four versions of its fossil-fuelled sisters, in the versions: Worker, with more ground clearance among other things; the Control version with more electronic functions; the Club version with parking assistance and lastly; the Driver version, which builds on the features of the Control version with a comprehensive safety package. What is new, is the CityVan version which offers more manoeuvrability, although Citroën has not extrapolated in their press release as to how this is managed apart from mentioning a keyless system and reversing cameras, which appear to come with all versions. All of the afore-mentioned versions can be equipped with a Moduwork module, which allows passengers to work in the front seat with a small rotating table among other things.

The electric Jumpy comes with a the MyCitroën App and the Free2Move Services App3 to monitor things like charging levels and available charging stations. From within the vehicle, information is displayed on the Connect Box. Real-time traffic conditions are displayed on the 7-inch touch screen. Driver assistance systems provide elements such as warnings for lane departure, traffic sign recognition and 13 other similar functions including ultrasonic sensors at the front and rear warning the driver of blind spots and obstacles. Other standard safety features include an automatic emergency call when airbags are deployed and an SOS button if an occupant feels unwell.

Citroën also points out elements that come with all-electric vehicles, but are especially useful for city delivery services, such as quiet, emission-free driving, no gear changes and access to all city centres with emissions restrictions. What is still missing now, is a look at the prices, about which the French carmaker has unfortunately not yet provided details.

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