May 12, 2020 - 04:40 pm

Tesla boss Elon Musk hurls a few threats

The head of Tesla wants to move his headquarters and future operations to Nevada and Texas because Californian authorities will not yet let Tesla open its Fremont plant. Musk has even openly threatened the state with withdrawal from California altogether.

Despite his threats, Elon Musk today opened the Fremont plant against regulations. Donald Trump seems to think it’s all good and tweeted so.

The row follows a long line of continuously bewildering statements Elon Musk has made about Covid-19 restriction that has caused an uproar. His comments included saying that stay-at-home orders were “fascist” as well as writing “free America now” in all-caps on Twitter.

Whether his threats will cause Alameda county to move from its stance remains to be seen. Note, however, that the move to Texas or Nevada has long been on the list as Tesla seeks to expand production way beyond Fremont.,,


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