May 13, 2020 - 12:39 pm

First 800-volt electric car from Hyundai set for 2021

Deliveries of the all-electric crossover planned by Hyundai based on the concept electric vehicle 45 will begin in Europe in less than a year. On Facebook, technical data of the two battery versions are already being discussed.

The user Auto Sangl, a well-known electric car dealer in Germany, writes in a Facebook post: “In less than a year the first Hyundai 45 will be delivered”. According to Sangl, the electric crossover will be 4.63 meters long (a Hyundai Kona electric is 4.18 meters long), 1.89 meters wide and 1.60 meters high. With a wheelbase of 3.0 metres, which is unusual for this vehicle length, it should offer “room for the whole family”.

The details he gives about the electric drive of the ’45’ also interesting, although they have not yet been confirmed: The customer will have the choice between two battery sizes with 58 or 73 kWh each. The charging capacity is to be 200 kW, and the charging time from 0 to 80 per cent should be 15 minutes. In the Facebook post, Auto Sangl made no mention of the ranges of the battery variants or the drive power, and it is unclear where he got the information.

Although the manufacturer itself has not yet announced the start of sales, the German dealer is already taking reservations for 450 euros, and we suspect he is referring to internal specs. The booking will be fully refunded in case of non-purchase, Sangl said.

Hyundai had first shown the 45 concept at the IAA in autumn 2019. The study should not only stand for a new design of the electric series models but also be the first vehicle based on Hyundai’s E-GMP (Electric Global Modular Platform). The modular system is based on 800-volt technology, which would bring this technology into a volume model for the first time after the Taycan of competitor Porsche. The first model based on E-GMP was announced by Hyundai for 2021, which concurs with the data published by Auto Sangl.

Recently, prototypes of the 45 electric car were also photographed on the Nordschleife. Hyundai maintains a larger test centre at the Nürburgring, so the rides with the prototypes are not surprising. The still heavily camouflaged body is strongly reminiscent of the study of the 45, although details are hardly visible. However, the large glass roof of the study is probably omitted in the series. Besides, Hyundai will likely equip the production model with conventional exterior mirrors. (Auto Sangl post, in German), (sneak peeks)


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