Jun 3, 2020 - 06:59 pm

Enel X now roaming with Allego, Bosch and Innogy

The Italian energy provider Enel has concluded eRoaming agreements with Allego, Bosch and Innogy through its subsidiary Enel X. The Enel X network will thus grow from 10,500 to over 30,000 public charging points.

Using Hubject’s platform, users of the Enel JuicePass app can now access 19,500 additional charging points in Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands without having to conclude new contracts. Enel X acquired a stake in Hubject last September.

The majority of the new charging points are Allego. The Dutch network has more than 15,000 public charging stations in the EU. According to Enel X, these include 200 charging points with more than 175 kW and over 1,000 with charging capacities from 50 to 175 kW. Innogy has connected around 4,000 public charging points to the Hubject network. Bosch contributes around 550 charging points.

“Looking ahead, we will continue to launch similar eRoaming initiatives to foster economic recovery through our sustainable business model,” said Francesco Venturini, CEO of Enel X. “Towards this aim, we will also be leveraging on the vast opportunities offered by the Hubject network, to create a true pan-European electric highway that will drive Europeans through this challenging period towards a truly open society.”



Enel X has also given an outlook on the growth Venturini is aiming for: Enel X currently has 100,000 charging points, but this figure also includes private charging points at homes and companies. This figure is expected to rise to 736,000 charging points by 2022.

Enel X says that interoperability, or eRoaming, is a structural component of their mission to create charging solutions for all types of use (home, office, transit) that are accessible through a single point of access, namely Enel X’s JuicePass app. This means that there is a single interface for customers to charge at home and work as well as allowing access to Enel X’s and its partner’s public charging points and now, eventually, the entire Hubject network encompassing 20,000 charging points.

Enel X operates its charging points in its home country Italy, but also in Spain and Romania as well as those in third party networks. Also, there are several roaming agreements to enable JuicePass users to charge in other European countries – such as Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary and Ireland.



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