Jun 10, 2020 - 06:55 pm

Yorkshire Water converts water truck to run on H2


In the UK, Yorkshire Water utility has put a hydrogen-powered water truck in operation. The hydrogen vehicle is the first in the Yorkshire Water fleet, and part of a 10-year plan to decarbonise their fleet.

What the company is saying is the first vehicle of its kind, the water truck was converted to a dual fuel approach that allows fleet managers flexibility while they transition off polluting fuels because the vehicle can use either hydrogen or diesel in operation.

The first hydrogen vehicle was delivered by Yorkshire Water Innovation and is a 7.5-tonne large good vehicle (LGV) clean water tanker. The water tanker will be deployed in the company’s supply restoration team in South Yorkshire.

“The water vehicle is an ideal application for hydrogen dual-fuel operation,” ULEMCo managing director Amanda Lyne said. “It will deliver a one-third reduction in carbon emissions, [which is] so important especially in built-up areas.”

The hydrogen-powered water tanker will refuel close by in Catcliffe, at ITM Power’s hydrogen filling station at the Advanced Manufacturing Park, where wind power is converted to hydrogen.

Dr Graham Cooley, CEO, ITM Power said: “We are very happy to be providing a hydrogen refuelling solution to Yorkshire Water for their new tanker vehicle. The Hydrogen Refuelling Station at the AMP in Rotherham demonstrates how electricity from wind turbines can be utilised to make the cleanest fuel source, green hydrogen which is suitable for a wide range of new vehicles types.”

In their 10-year decarbonising strategy, Yorkshire Water has a variety of vehicles that will need to be decarbonised. In 2018, Yorkshire Water already decarbonised a significant portion of its fleet when they purchased 10 Nissan e-NV200 electric vans and set out to acquire 40 more by this year.

Specialist vehicles deployed on back to base operations have the advantage of not requiring an extensive national refuelling or recharging network. David Hibbs, transport general manager for Yorkshire Water, said that the utility was exploring further fleet decarbonisation strategies, including introducing electric vehicles and piloting the use of compressed natural gas and hydrogen-powered vehicles.

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