Echo3 three-wheeler sports an 80 km range


In the USA, Colorado-based company, Echo3 Energy is introducing the Echo3, an electric three-wheeler. The light electric vehicle is being pitched as a supplementary vehicle for shorter trips and commutes.

The Echo3 trike seats three passengers and has a top speed of around 56 kph (35 mph) with a range of about 80 kilometres (50 miles). The battery-electric vehicle can fully charge in approximately four hours with a standard extension cord and household socket.

In announcing the start of sales of the light electric vehicle, Echo3 Energy highlights the fact that the average commute in the USA is 16 miles (around 26 kilometres) and typical errands such as going to the grocery store generally only add up to a 3-mile round trip. “This little thing offers some truly practical daily utility,” says Rex Halbeisen, President of Echo3. “It’s easy to drive, to manoeuvre in congested areas, and to park. It’s good for the environment. And it’s good for your pocketbook.”

The Denver-based company sees its customer base as being college students, urban dwellers, small-town residents, downsizing seniors, and the environmentally-conscious. However, the pricing of $6,995 may exclude some of these drivers already. Yet what you get is some of the mod cons of larger vehicles such as a sunroof, Bluetooth stereo and reverse camera.

“The Echo3 has been in development for several years,” said Jeremiah Buck, Founder and Director of product development of Echo3 Energy. “We have a street-legal vehicle that is ‘Efficient Electric Energy.’ That is how the Echo3 name originated: three Es echoing into the environment, making a difference, especially as the world examines new normal.” Echo3 Energy is a subsidiary of Tread Global, Inc., a product safety-testing and development company founded by Buck in 2010.

The company says that impulse for creating the Echo3 was the need for clean, convenient, efficient and affordable transportation. This is something the company sees as being heightened by the Covid-19 pandemic where fresh air and space on city streets has become a higher priority for both governments and consumers alike.

These consumer needs have not gone unnoticed by both traditional carmakers as well as new companies. In February just passed, Citroën presented an electric two-seater called the Ami. Just last month we reported that Kia is considering an ultra-small electric car. An innovative light electric vehicle from Poland called Triggo is already set for series production in 2021. This electric light vehicle that can retract in width from 148 to 86 centimetres if necessary thanks to a variable chassis and is initially targeting the vehicle-sharing market with the 1+1-seater. All of these vehicles, however, only seat two people. It will be interesting to see if the Echo3 experiences a market advantage of being able to seat three adult passengers.,,


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Stuart Saunders
25.06.2020 um 07:56
Nice vehicle, Jeremiah. We have a new EV driveline - looks to be ideal for Echo3. Very light, very simple, very low friction. Exceptionally low unsprung weight for best possible ride for passengers. We can disclose with an NDA, or if you would like to show the driveline you are using in Echo 3, , we could provide a comparison. Best regards, Stuart.
John Mitchell
07.05.2021 um 23:54
In the UK would the Echo3 be classed as a mobility scooter so you don't need a driving license. If so how much in British Pounds would it cost. As a mobility scooter it is VAT Exempt.
Thomas c Raglin
15.04.2022 um 19:41
How do you go about getting one what number do I call and where can I purchase one
John Albright
25.11.2021 um 02:49
Do they deliver the scooter to at least 48 States I like it
03.01.2022 um 12:13
If I paid for this vehicle today how long would it take for me to receive it
26.02.2022 um 15:53
Echo3 three-wheeler sports an 80 km range how much this cost me buy
Brenda Suggs
27.06.2022 um 23:25
I need a scooter for mobility and I love the enclosed ones.
Wayne Edwin Chason
11.09.2022 um 15:21
Where can I test drive one to purchase? I am in GA.
Gwendolyn Carter
28.04.2023 um 20:57
Hello my name is Gwendolyn. Yes I love this bike. We're do I SIGN at. Can someone from your company call or text please to let me know how do I get one. I live in Baltimore Maryland.

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