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Ekoenergetyka is offering new DC charging stations and looking for partners



A revolution on the electric vehicle market is a response to ever-growing expectations of EV drivers. From year to year, the technology is developing and improving what leads to manufacturers achieving longer ranges, by installing larger and more efficient battery systems in vehicles. Not only batteries are growing also the EV use cases become more and more demanding, which all leads to lengthy charging at singular AC points not being a sufficient option anymore.

In response to market changes Ekoenergetyka – the largest Polish manufacturer of charging infrastructure, comes out with a wide and complete offering of DC chargers, covering all use cases and charging scenarios, from slower destination charging to ultra-fast battery top-ups along the way. The modern design, innovative technology, wide range of operating parameters, high power, user-friendly interface, a high degree of interoperability, tested and proven technology and excellent reliability are all features of charging stations manufactured by Ekoenergetyka. All charging stations are easy to install and operate and may be used as individual charging points or as integrated and comprehensive systems suitable for charging individual vehicles and large fleets.

Dedicated to working in public spaces, the EV Charger Axon FX 50, FX 100, FX 150 series is a universal fast charging station.

The new product range starts with a completely new series of small DC charging stations, EV Charger Impulse / Spark with output power from 15 kW to 20 kW, enabling quick charging at a garage or another destination of choice. The chargers are equipped with CCS Combo2 or CHAdeMO connectors and have a user-friendly interface.

Ekoenergetyka comes out with a wide and complete offering of DC chargers.

Dedicated to working in public spaces, the EV Charger Axon FX 50, FX 100, FX 150 series is a universal fast charging station equipped with CCS Combo2, CHAdeMO and Type2 connectors. The wide range of output power from 50 kW to 150 kW, modern design, small footprint, high reliability and advanced user interface all make the Axon chargers ideal for fast charging at the transportation hubs or at petrol stations. EV Charger Axon is appreciated and approved by many customers. In addition, the Axon Pay models are equipped with an integrated payment solution allowing for on-spot payment in order to even further save users’ time and allow for remote and service-less installations.

The EV Charger U350 Nevron is a series of charging stations with the highest output power of 350 kW. The Nevron chargers have a minimal footprint, sleek and modern design, advanced user interface with a 17” touch-screen, a time-saving service-less integrated payment solution for on-spot payment and are equipped with a liquid-cooled CCS Combo 2 connectors guaranteeing the availability of full power and the newest generation CHAdeMO plugs. The charger has a wide range of operating output voltages from 150 VDC to 950 VDC at a no compromise to the output power.

All charging stations offered by Ekoenergetyka are high-quality products meeting all European standards and norms. They are easy to install and integrate with external systems by distributors, whom we cordially invite for cooperation.

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