Delta launches 200-kW charging station for EMEA region


Delta Electronics has just presented its new HPC station for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. As the name UFC 200 suggests, the station enables a maximum charging power of 200 kW that can be split into two 100 kW to charge two electric cars at the same time.

The CCS charging system delivers up to 400 amps of charging current and relies on a non-liquid cooled high power CCS cable/connector system. The Delta Electronics system, which the company calls an “innovative temperature management system,” is unusual because of the non-liquid cooling at the maximum charge current of 400 amps, and is designed to increase efficiency by up to 1.2 per cent compared to liquid-cooled cable systems of the same rate of amps. The user interface of the UFC 200 features a 7-inch LCD information screen and a touchpad with RFID and payment card functions.

With the 200 kW charging system, the supplier claims that it is preparing for future electric cars that can achieve such high power charging capacities. Delta also intends to offer charging point operators a number of services, including a network of local service partners, remote diagnosis and maintenance via separate service interfaces to increase availability.

With the scalability of the UFC models and the modular design of the inner workings, Delta promises that the investment is future-proof. Depending on the location, the platform can be used in different performance configurations. If more power is required later, the ultra-rapid charging capacity of the columns can be increased by adding more rectifier modules without having to apply for a new building permit – a feature that is also offered in products from other manufacturers.


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terry gould
23.02.2021 um 14:10
Our company is Greentec International we have developed a device for 3 phase chargers that eliminates the need for an Earth Rod mat and gives total safety against earth faults . The device eliminates the dangerous O-PEN Neutral fault , this device has full CE approval and is now widely used in the UK, this device is the solution to a world-wide problem, we would like the opportunity to discuss this in more detail with your team

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