Iberdrola extends charging corridor on Iberian Peninsula


Spanish energy supplier Iberdrola has opened another fast-charging site on one of the main corridors of the Iberian Peninsula. The new site is part of the company’s plan to install 150,000 charge points in Southern Europe.

The goal targeted for 2025 includes domestic chargers as well as charging stations on commercial premises of partners such as Avia or Ikea. However, Iberdrola has made headwind in enabling EV drivers to criss-cross the Iberian Peninsula using a growing network of charging stations open to the public.

The location now opened is deemed a Premium Service Station by Iberdrola. Located in Monesterio at the Leo Complex, the new station has a 150-kW charger and two rapid and standard chargers, with 50 kW and 22 kW respectively. Iberdrola suggests the set-up “slashes the cost of driving, with the 538-km trip from Madrid to Seville (or vice-versa) costing just over 10 euros, and the journey from Madrid to the Cádiz coast (or vice-versa) just over 15 euros.”

The facility was visited by 4.7 million vehicles last year, according to press information and Iberdrola says this places the site among the five busiest in Spain and “the best on the La Plata (Silver) motorway”. Locally known as Autovia Ruta de la Plata, the highway runs from north to south through the country.

Staying on this route, in Extremadura, the company is applying for permission to build a further 18 public charging stations, one of them a Premium station, and says it is looking at seven more sites that may also host ultra-rapid chargers.

Such high power charging had made it onto the Iberdrola agenda this March when the company decided to accelerate its sustainable mobility plan by freeing 150 million euros over the next five years as reported. Those charge points designated to line motorways – Iberdrola does not say how many out of the planned 150,000 – will be installed every 100 km and 200 km.

A similar facility as the ones described above is set to open in Oropesa (Toledo) on the A5, that is the South-East motorway, within the next few days, according to Iberdrola. They further claim that work is underway to build ultra-rapid charging infrastructure on two more of Spain’s main corridors: the North-West motorway or A6 between Madrid and Galicia and the North-East motorway or A2, which will enable electric vehicles to get as far as Barcelona.

By now, Iberdrola claims to have installed 5,500 charging points in Spain. Around 600 of these enable rapid-charging on roads and motorways, and the company adds, it has more than 1,800 public charging points in different stages of development.

Drivers may use the Iberdrola Public Charging App to check the latest availability.


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