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The London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) has concluded its first sales and service partnership in Germany with the Markötter Bielefeld car dealership. This step follows the establishment of the sales office for Central Europe in Frankfurt last year.

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The car dealership Autohaus Markötter Bielefeld will offer the TX Shuttle and the new Transporter VN5. So far, more than ten TX Shuttle models have already been sold by the dealer in Bielefeld to three local operators. But this does not mark the end of their expansion scope, as LEVC plans to be represented in 21 European countries by the end of 2021.

“Appointing our first full LEVC sales and service partner in Germany is an important milestone as we progress with our export strategy by expanding our dealer network in Europe,” says Joerg Hofmann, CEO of LEVC, before adding: “We are now actively seeking new business partners across the EU territory to help us deliver our business plan.”

Update 02 September 2020: The London Electric Vehicle Company continues its European expansion with new dealers in the two largest cities in Germany: Koch Gruppe Automobile AG in Berlin and AMC Kruell GmbH in Hamburg now offer sales and after-sales service for LEVC vehicles. The number of LEVC dealers in Germany thus increases to three, after the car dealership Markötter Bielefeld was already announced as a partner in July.

In addition to the three dealers, LEVC has six after-sales locations in Germany, namely in Berlin, Karlsruhe, Hamburg, Hanau, Krefeld and Munich. This means that the southern part of Germany will also be covered for the time being, even though no full-service dealer has been located there so far.

LEVC has said that the EU-wide network is to cover 21 European countries by the end of 2021.

Update 30 September 2020: LEVC continues the expansion of its dealer network in Germany. The recent addition is the car dealership Geisser in Karlsruhe and SVENSCAR in Regensburg. The number of LEVC full dealers in Germany, therefore, increases to five.

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