Jul 23, 2020 - 12:50 pm

Order books for Renault Twingo Z.E. will open in August

Renault has announced that it will accept orders for the all-electric Twingo Z.E. in Europe from mid-August. The small electric car may even be available for order in Germany earlier than in its home market France.

As the German importer of the French manufacturer has just announced, the Twingo Z.E. will only be available in the “Vibes” model presented at the market launch. This model has already made it into the German BAFA subsidy list. The vehicles are to be delivered in 2020.

Versions of the battery-electric city car with cheaper equipment will be available for order from the fourth quarter of 2020 and will be delivered in spring 2021. An international press release from the Group’s headquarters states that orders will be accepted in France from September 2020 – i.e. a few weeks after the German launch. What has not yet been revealed is whether the Twingo Z.E. will also be offered with battery rental or only with battery purchase.


In Germany, the Vibes model will cost 24,165.04 euros, but initially, some pre-configured options will have to be added, which will increase the gross price to 25,666.21 euros. When VAT in Germany rises again to 19 per cent from 2021, the gross basic price will be 24,790 euros for this model. Renault has not yet announced the prices for the announced cheaper equipment.

The Vibes model is painted in a bright Valencia Orange, alternatively, the special model can be ordered in Quartz White. In both cases, decorative elements in the respective other colour are planned. The vehicle has 16-inch rims, which are also in white and orange. In addition, “extensive comfort details including the EASY LINK online multimedia system with high-resolution 7-inch (18-centimetre) touchscreen” are to be included.

With a gross price of over 24,000 euros, the Twingo Z.E. is more expensive than other small electric cars such as the VW triplets, which optionally allow DC charging with up to 40 kW. The Twingo sister model Smart EQ Forfour, which is also built by Renault in Novo Mesto, is priced at 22,600 euros gross (at 19 per cent VAT) but will not be available for order again until later in July. The Smart EQ also has an output of 60 kW, can charge with a maximum of 22 kW AC, but has a battery from the Daimler subsidiary Accumotive with 17.6 kWh net.

Technical Data:
Performance 60 kW (82 PS)
max. Torque 160 Nm
Top speed 135 kph
0 – 100 kph 12,6 seconds
Combined Range (WLTP) 180 km
Consumption (WLTP) 16,3 kWh/100km
Battery Capacity 21,3 kWh
Charge Performance DC N/A
Charge time DC N/A
Charge Performance AC 22 kW (Typ 2, three phase)
Charge time AC 1:03 Hours (80 per cent)
Empty weight 1.112 bis 1.178 kg
Seats 4
Trunk volume (Litres) 240

renault.com, renault-presse.de (German press release)


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