Aug 10, 2020 - 06:09 pm

Enel X hits 50,000 charging point milestone

Users of Enel X’s App JuicePass now have access to a network of over 50,000 public charging points across Europe, most of which are made accessible via the Hubject platform. Further roaming agreements make this possible.

At the beginning of June, the Italian energy provider had already expanded the Enel X network to over 30,000 public charging points through eRoaming agreements with Allego, Bosch and Innogy. Further eRoaming deals with Last Mile Solutions, has-to-be and E.ON have since added around 20,000 additional charging points in Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands.

“We continue to execute our vision of creating a smooth charging experience throughout Europe”, says Francesco Venturini , CEO of Enel X, according to the announcement. “Through our interoperability partners, as well as through our own network, we connect the entire Mediterranean area from the heel of Italy’s boot to the northern part of Europe, allowing our customers to start moving on European roads again and enjoy summer vacation with no hurdles”.

Venturini also confirmed that the number of charging points installed and operated by Enel X in Italy has now reached the 10,000 mark. In addition to the Italian domestic market, the eMobility subsidiary of the mineral oil group Enel operates a number of charging points in Spain and Romania. Charging points outside these countries have been integrated into the JuicePass app via roaming agreements – for example in Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary and Ireland.

In the app, customers can also find out how much the charging process should cost – Enel X focuses on flexible tariffs. In addition, the app will provide real-time information on the available charging capacity, the type of connections and availability.

In addition to the public charging points, Enel X also sells wallboxes for charging at home or at work. If these private charging points are included, the company currently has a network of 130,000 charging points. By 2022, Enel X intends to increase this number to 736,000 charging points “to support the introduction of electric vehicles and the decarbonisation of the transport sector”. However, the company does not specify how the public and private charging points will be distributed for this number.


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