Aug 12, 2020 - 01:51 pm

Enel X launches charging network in Bucharest


Enel X has installed and commissioned a network of 34 charging points for electric cars in Bucharest and the surrounding area. Although these are mainly AC chargers with 22 kW there are also a number of DC chargers with up to 50 kW charging capacity in the network.

The current installation in Bucharest is part of Enel X Romania’s plan to build a nationwide network of charging points for electric cars in Romania with approximately 2,500 charging points by 2023. According to the announcement made in 2018, DC charging points with up to 150 kW will also be built.

For operation in the city centre of Bucharest, however, Enel X is relying primarily on the AC charging point called ‘JuicePole’ by the company, which provides two charging points (22 kW each). Despite the similar name, this is not a development of the Swiss charging specialist Juice Technology, whose AC charging point is marketed as Juice Tower 2. The 50 kW charging point used by Enel X is called ‘JuicePump’.

Enel says that the charging points will be installed on the premises of what it is calling Recharge Partners and that these will mainly be at shopping centres, supermarkets, restaurants and hotels that want to attract electric car drivers. Enel X pays the costs of installation and maintenance, in return for which the Recharge Partner provides the parking spaces.

In the current press release, Enel X confirms that the entire project is planned to cost between 15 and 20 million euros by 2023. After Bucharest, the charging stations are also to be installed in Timișoara, Sibiu and Constanța.

Just this week Enel X announced that the network of public charging stations in Europe has passed the 50,000 charging point mark. Enel X operates around 10,000 charging points on its Italian home market itself, plus a few charging points on the Iberian Peninsula and now in Romania. The remaining charging points are integrated into the charging service called ‘JuicePass’ via various roaming agreements.


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