Porsche Taycan to feature Plug&Charge and FoD

Starting in October, there will be numerous innovations for the Porsche Taycan at the change of the model year. The new Plug & Charge function allows for automated charging and payment without a card or app. Other innovations include Functions on Demand, FoD, and faster acceleration.

Porsche’s first electric car is approaching a new model year, and the VW-owned company is stepping up the Taycan game again. Starting with more convenient charging, Plug-and-Charge based on ISO standard 15118 enables the charging process to start automatically. This is true not just for the incoming model year but also Taycan’s of the previous generation. Payments are also processed automatically and without the need for a card or fob, given the charging station is capable of the function.

So far, Plug & Charge is already operational at Ionity charging stations in Germany, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Italy and the Czech Republic. Twelve more European countries will follow at the start of 2021, according to Porsche. In the US and Canada, Plug & Charge will also be available from Electrify America and Electrify Canada at “many charging points” as of the start of 2021.

Other functions will come available online for download as Functions on Demand, FoD, that Porsche drivers can select online for the new model year. These can, for example, improve the range as the Porsche Intelligent Range Manager (PIRM) is already available as an FoD. There is also thought to extend the battery’s service life by charging while preserving the battery. When selected, this caps the charging capacity at suitable charging points to around 200 kW. In general, a charging capacity of up to 270 kW remains available at 800-volt high-power charging stations of course.

For home charging, the Mobile Charger Connect and Home Energy Manager now help to prevent an overload of the domestic connection, regardless of the phase. The incoming Taycan also enables a configurable, minimum battery charge level for domestically generated energy. Once reached, the system consumes only solar power, for example, that the building is not using.

Drivers may choose to subscribe or else opt-in for certain functions online. Other new FoDs include automated driving features such as Active Lane Keep Assist that keeps the vehicle in the centre of the lane with continuous steering intervention. InnoDrive adapts the speed to the conditions ahead. Both functions are available for a fee of 19.50 euro per month or 808.10 euro each as a purchase option. There is also the Smartlift function now installed as standard for MY21 Taycans in conjunction with adaptive air suspension. The car can thus be automatically raised in recurring sections, for instance at speed bumps or on garage driveways.

For a further performance upgrade, Porsche improved the Taycan Turbo S acceleration slightly. With Launch Control, the electric sports car now sprints from zero to 200 kph in 9.6 seconds, thus undercutting the previous time by 0.2 seconds. It covers the quarter-mile in 10.7 seconds (previously 10.8 seconds), according to Porsche.

Physical changes include a colour head-up display and an on-board charger with a charging capacity of up to 22 kW. With this unit, the battery charges in around half the time it takes the standard AC 11-kW charger. This option will be available at the end of this year.

The new model year Porsche Taycan electric car is coming in this October.



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