EVBox & The Mobility House to facilitate Vehicle-to-Grid tech


EVBox and The Mobility House (TMH) join forces to establish Vehicle-to-Grid charging. Within the scope of cooperation, EVBox will provide hardware for V2G projects of TMH. Both companies also invest in research and development.

The goal of both EV Box and The Mobility House is to settle these smart charging technologies on the market. While EVBox will focus on hardware, The Mobility House will provide compatible charging software based on this hardware for V2G applications.

The companies have cooperated before in the large-scale Smart Grid project in Porto Santo – the “electric island”. There, in 2018, Renault, the utility EEM and The Mobility House prepared to ban fossil fuels from the island employing electric cars and smart charging. EVBox has now supplied this project with bi-directional AC charging stations that enable Renault electric cars to feed energy from their batteries back into the grid.

The Mobility House already has an intelligent technology in its portfolio, the ChargePilot energy management system, which optimizes the interaction of electric cars, stationary battery storage and bidirectional electric vehicles. The technology company was founded in 2009 as a neutral provider and has since supported private and business customers in installing and operating charging infrastructure.

EVBox, in turn, is a Netherlands-based specialist for intelligent and scalable charging infrastructure hardware and associated charging management software. According to its information, the Engie subsidiary has now placed more than 125,000 charging points in more than 70 countries, including private, commercial and public electricity providers.

The company is also active in the US where they signed the lease for its first North American headquarters and production facility in the state of Illinois earlier this year. It is located in Libertyville, 65 kilometres north of Chicago and EVBox will be able to produce around 200 DC charging stations per week in the first phase. EVBox also has branches for sales in New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles.


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