Sep 10, 2020 - 03:35 pm

UK: New MG 5 electric estate to cost £23,995

MG prepares to launch an electric estate in the UK next quarter. The MG 5 EV is essentially a rebranded Roewe Ei5 as offered in China – both Roewe and MG belong to SAIC. What’s new and intriguing is the base price though: £23,995 (government subsidy included).

Autocar reported the price quoting the Cap HPI trade body. Converted it comes down to about €25,898. The pricing, when realised at on sale in Q4 of this year, would position the MG 5 EV among the most affordable electric estates in the UK. That is after application of the government’s plug-in vehicle grant of £3,000.

According to MG, there will be two trim levels: Excite and Exclusive. These are the same as they offer for the simpler eSUV that also runs in India as MG ZS EV since June.

MG has yet to confirm final specifications for the 5, so battery size is a guess like Autocar’s 52.5 kWh. The latter is based on MG’s claimed WLTP data. The announcement details a combined range of 214 miles (344 km), city range of 276 miles (444 km) for a combined driving efficiency of 3.6 miles/kWh (17.5 kWh/100km).


In January 2019 MG Motor had also hinted at a 73 kWh battery and a theoretical range of 500 km. The manufacturer had added that it would weigh the same as the current 44.6 kWh version in the ZS EV, but we are yet waiting to see such a model or option.

For the MG 5 EV now expected in Britain, there is also a small difference to the Chinese-market Roewe Ei5. A power output of 156bhp represents a 42bhp boost and suggests the 5 has been updated for the UK market. The car will retain the Ei5’s dimensions, though, at 4.54m long, just under 1.82m wide and 1.54m tall.

MG aims to begin deliveries of the 5 to customers in the fourth quarter of 2020, and prospective customers may register their interest now.

In related news, British MG continues to sell ZS EV. The 5-seater comes with a WLTP-accredited range of 163 miles and five-star Euro NCAP rating, according to MG Motor.,


12 Kommentare zu “UK: New MG 5 electric estate to cost £23,995

  1. C Tsang

    Sounds great interesting !!

    • Paul Jacques

      MG hasn’t got a great historical image or any form of brand security to push in the UK but nevertheless, it is associated with a British brand and as the UK leaves Europe, what a great time to push British. 🙂

  2. Simon Phillips

    Looks like the mitsubishi outlander?

    • Paul Jacques

      Strangely. 😉

  3. Peter

    Mg yeah ok but there system on there cars really need looking at not really sophisticated they and they don’t work if they have pilot you loose fuel gauge and temp

  4. John S

    This could put the MG brand back on the table for UK car buyers.


      Yes, I agree. The general population is looking for EVs that are actually affordable, this could be the catalyst that is needed

  5. Independent Scotland

    That’s what happens when one leaves EU….
    MG will be good for them.

  6. Mike L.

    Looks quite good. Hope the panel gap is sorted as recent MGs have terrible panel gaps and poor build quality.

  7. Thomas Ryan

    Support UK Car Manufacturers can you not see China wants to take over all manufacturing in the world. Wake up and smell the Coffee!

  8. Rabbit

    Let’s hope they sort the software out. Knowing somebody who has just bought the MG HS, the constant warnings and bongs are already irritating them to the point of distraction. Also, some physical controls for climate control and radio please. Doing everything on a touchscreen is neither safe or desirable. Finally, why can’t you get out of the phone screen whilst in a call.. for example to view sat nav etc?

    • nakfan100

      Tesla Bjørn from Norway said that MG was working on a software release in August (!) that should solve several of these issues. Still waiting…

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