Sep 15, 2020 - 12:32 pm

Free charging at Tesla soon to be no more

A software error in Tesla’s V3 Superchargers temporarily prevented other brand’s electric cars from being able to charge via CCS for free throughout Europe. On Sunday, however, this gap was closed via a software update.

The error started over the additional CCS charging capacity Tesla introduced in their European chargers so that drivers with EVs from other manufacturers would not be stuck out in the cold if only a Supercharger were nearby. While no data was made available as to how much this loophole was exploited, Tesla was quick to fix it with another software update.,


2 Kommentare zu “Free charging at Tesla soon to be no more

  1. t.m

    The EU really must put an end to car brand exclusive chargers.

    There is nothing environmentally friendly to needing to build unnecessary redundant infrastructure for a single car brand. It’s a waste of space, money and resources.

    • Deido

      Agreed, but is very unfair for the Tesla brand, which is technologically advanced. The EU could build a grid for eletric cars, but has not taken any steps towards it. That, by itself, gives companies like Tesla no option, but to push the EV industry with its own capital.

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