UK Police & Fire services buy Peugeot electric vehicles


Peugeot is seeing growing demand from UK Police and Fire services for electrified vehicles. The French company said, 13 per cent of the cars ordered were all-electric with the e-208 being among the bestsellers to serve in British emergency services.

The all-new e-208, launched in January this year, accounted for 81 vehicles within the final total of 611 cars to 38 forces. These vehicles delivered have been put to operational use, supporting frontline activity across the UK, according to the Peugeot press information.

The other vehicles on order include 308 and 308 SW, Traveller, 3008 SUV and 5008 SUV, Partner, Expert and Boxer vans as well as the all-new 208 and said e-208. Mayn of these are from Peugeot’s electrified line-up on offer in the UK.

Peugeot and the Police and Fire services have a longstanding relationship in the UK with the French brand having provided over 5,000 vehicles from 2015 to date.



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