Sep 24, 2020 - 12:18 pm

Be careful what you order online

When the US-American auto blogger ordered an electric sports car online from the online retailer Alibaba, he thought he found a great deal with a price of US$31,000 for the Qiantu K50. However, things did not go as hoped.

The delivery itself came with a rude awakening: Instead of the eagerly awaited sports car, only a small electric car arrived. The vlogger then detailed his frustration in an online post.


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6 Kommentare zu “Be careful what you order online

  1. tom

    I doubt this story.

    Sounds more like he did this on purpose to make video for his channel. Click&views equal money.

    He could just have reported the fraudulent seller to Alibaba and they would have gotten a full refund asap.

    • Spaceman

      Why don’t you watch the video. He tried.

      • B

        I did. Waste of time. His “evidence” were dubious at best.

        Just someone cashing in on the China bad bandwagon

    • Michael Ray Gardner

      I have watched all the videos he put out pertaining to this car. He got scammed plain and simple. He shows his email interactions with the seller. The seller didn’t want to go through aliexpress because they would take a part of what they were getting for the car. This guy researched and tried to verify the sellers legitimacy and found nothing anyone had put on the web as being negative so he took a chance. He may have been alittle two trusting though and got burned for it. This is definetly not click bait. He was intending from the very beginning that he was going to do a series on his channel for the buying process and then when he got the supercar what he planned to add to it. He shows all his wire transfers and the charge by the customs broker. This guy was polite and professional and the seller ended up making threats and basically tryin ggv to blackmail the guy to get him to take down the videos. He moved forward with the video to warn people so others wouldnt get burned too.

      • Parry Invis

        It’s obviously a set-up just to make the video. The Qiantu K50 costs around 120,000 USD in China, did he really think he could buy a new one online for 31,000 USD?? He saw an opportunity to get lots of YouTube views and make some cash..simple.

        • Andrew Katerman

          if you saw a deal on your car when you were buying it that dropped the price by 75%, would you at least consider on jumping at the opportunity? i know i would even if i did my research like he did, its easy to fake good reviews by creating multiple separate accounts.

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