Sep 29, 2020 - 06:26 pm

Audi launches A3 Sportback PHEV

Audi is continuing its electrification plans with the A3 Sportback 40 TFSI e. The compact model is now also available as plug-in hybrid on an MQB basis, as is the case with the sister models from VW, Seat and Škoda.

The Audi A3 Sportback uses the plug-in powertrain introduced in the Golf 8. A 1.4-litre four-cylinder gasoline engine with 110 kW serves as the combustion engine. A permanently excited synchronous machine provides the electric drive with 80 kW and 330 Nm torque. The system output is 150 kW; when both drives work together with maximum boost, the system torque is 350 Nm. The A3 Sportback 40 TFSI e accelerates from zero to a hundred kilometres in 76 seconds, and the top speed is 227 kph.

The A3’s 13.0 kWh battery also corresponds to that of the other MQB models. As before, the high-voltage accumulator is mounted under the vehicle underbody in the area of the rear seats. At 78 kilometres, the purely electric NEDC range of the A3 Sportback is slightly less than in the Golf eHybrid (80 kilometres), while Audi claims the WLTP range at 67 kilometres. In comparison to the Golf eHybrid, which can drive a maximum of 130 kph in electric mode, the electric engine accelerates the A3 Sportback up to 140 kph.

In comparison to the direct premium competition, the Audi falls somewhat behind when it comes to charging: The German carmaker has given the part-time electric car charging power with a maximum of 2.9 kW, the charging time is thus a little more than four hours.

When braking, the electric motor takes over the function of the generator and enables decelerations of up to 0.3 g. The electric motor can recuperate up to 40 kW of power, and according to Audi, the deceleration should give a one-pedal feeling of a fully electric car.

Sales in “many European markets will start this Autumn” according to Audi. Apart from that the company only mentions a basic price of 37,470 euros for customers living in Germany that can claim a total of 6,750 euros in subsidies.


2 Kommentare zu “Audi launches A3 Sportback PHEV

  1. Danny

    Will there be a PHEV saloon and if so When is it likely to be released?

  2. D Link

    Will the new A3 PHEV Sportback e-tron come to North America?
    I wish my 2017 had the 13.0 kWh for its battery, but don’t understand the charging system downgrade to 2.9 kW. That is significantly slower than my 3.6-3.7 kW on-board charger (specs in dispute over the kW charging rate for my vehicle).
    Love to replace my battery pack with the new one, but for how much and will the additional even be recognized by my current system?

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