Mercedes-Benz eScooter with Micro Mobility Systems


Mercedes-Benz has turned to the Swiss Micro Mobility Systems to launch a star-branded electric scooter. The design brief included lightweight and longevity, and the Mercedes-Benz eScooter claims a mileage of over 5,000 kilometres. Plus, it folds.

The lightweight is relative here as the kick scooter comes in at 13.5 kg, which is in the range of a lighter bike. The spec is as expected with a 250-Watt electric motor and 20 kph top speed, all within legal limits in most countries.

Mercedes-Benz opted for a 7.8 Ah battery and said it allows a range of up to 25 kilometres. Charging takes three to three and a half hours.

What may give this e-scooter a bit more of the premium feel one may expect from a Mercedes even if it is this small, is a wider platform to put both feet down. The eScooter also has some suspension and 20-cm rubber wheels that the partners expect to master uneven terrain such as cobblestones. Riders may adjust the handlebars and monitor the centrally positioned display for speed, state-of-charge and the selected driving mode. Smartphone connectivity is a given as well.

Mercedes and Micro Mobility Systems do not specify any price nor a particular use case, say in sharing offers. Instead, the statement points to drivers and the existing EQ line of electric cars so that this looks mostly an accessory to be carried in the trunk for the last mile as mentioned by Mercedes.

For Micro Micro Mobility Systems – they mostly made the news with their Isetta-inspired car Microlino or rather the licensing issues surrounding it lately. Since the many court cases are only slowly being settled, the company has also worked on other concepts. Among these was the three-wheeled electric scooter Microletta.

Adding to this the escooter for Mercedes, the company would cover all aspects of micro-mobility indeed – once any one of the products makes it to market.


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Simon Jonas
21.10.2020 um 23:56
How much will it cost and where can it be bought.

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