Oct 8, 2020 - 05:26 pm

MAN now offers a range of charging solutions


MAN Transport Solutions is offering charging equipment to buyers of MAN’s electric trucks and buses with two strategic partners, Heliox and Schaltbau Refurbishment (SBRS). The offer includes markets in 28 European countries and covers a range of mobile chargers up to solutions for large fleets.

Earlier this year, Schaltbau Holding entered into a sales cooperation agreement with MAN Truck & Bus via its subsidiary SBRS, the specialist for DC high-performance charging technology. The agreement was the first step to enable MAN customers to buy tailor-made charging solutions for their commercial electric vehicles.

The charging stations themselves are an in-house development within SBRS. The charging posts are to be characterised by “high efficiency” and “manufactured to the highest industry standards”. In addition to public transport depots, the DC rapid charging station is to be suitable for “various mobility applications in the modern commercial vehicle sector”.

Although the latest announcement does not give further data on the technical details of the range on offer, the mobile charger is likely to be from the Qube series. According to the SBRS website, the device is based on the EVA950-LEM concept. With liquid cooling, the vehicles will be charged with up to 120 kW (150 kW peak) via CCS.

MAN Truck & Bus also says that they designed the mobile charging units for flexible use in the depot since they are not permanently installed. The covered power range goes from 25 kW to 300 kW. The company says that the charging solutions also make it possible to charge multiple vehicles from a single charging station. MAN Transport solutions are calling the offer a one-stop-shop solution, whereby Heliox or SBRS can also provide installation and service.

Stefan Sahlmann, Head of MAN Transport Solutions, describes the new range: “We are sure that customers expect us to offer a comprehensive range of e-mobility solutions. As well as comprehensive advice on switching to electric commercial vehicles, this includes services relating to charging & energy issues. The aim is, therefore, to make switching to e-mobility as reliable, uncomplicated and cost-efficient as possible for our customers.”



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