Oct 16, 2020 - 01:09 pm

Tesla Model 3 updates give more range

After weeks of speculation, Tesla has now integrated the upgrades for Model 3 into the configurator. The revised Model 3 comes with improved range data, new rims, the new centre console and several other minor changes.

The new changes included the range specification for the Standard Range Plus with rear engine and a small battery, which is now 430 kilometres instead of the previous 409 kilometres. The range of the Long Range with the large battery and two electric motors has increased by a similar amount, from 20 to 580 kilometres WLTP. The performance version also has a longer range of 535 kilometres, although here, the range difference is only five kilometres.

While there are reports in the US media of lower specifications for acceleration from a standing start to 60 mph, these specifications have remained the same in the German configurator, and the specification of the top speed has not (yet) changed here either.

Visually, the new rims are more reminiscent of those of the Model Y. The changes affect both the 18-inch aero rims, which are part of the Standard Range Plus and the Long Range, as well as the optional 19-inch sports rims and the 20-inch turbine wheels of the Performance version. Besides, the previous chrome details such as on the wing mirrors, the side camera or the window frames are now in matt black, as on the Model Y.

As indicated in earlier leaks, the interior has also been slightly reworked. The previously piano black finish has been removed, and the centre console now has two inductive charging trays for smartphones (again, like in the model Y). While these are located behind a flap on the Model Y, Tesla seems to have omitted this flap on the lower Model 3 for space reasons. Rumours say that the centre screen could also be modified, it is said to be more inclined towards the driver, but this cannot be seen on the pictures of the configurator. All Model 3 models now also have an electrically opening tailgate.

A heat pump is not yet listed in the configurator. In September, it was revealed that Tesla had placed a large order for heat pumps with a Chinese supplier. For the time being, this could only affect the Model 3 manufactured in China, Germany is still supplied from the US plant in Fremont. But according to rumours even that could soon change.

The prices have remained the same – 42,900 euros for the SR+, 52,000 euros for the LR and 58,000 euros for the Performance. The surcharges for the paintwork, full self-driving capability and the trailer coupling have not yet changed.

Including reporting from Sebastian Schaal.

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  1. Ulrichminkner

    In real consumption drives less than announced
    ,normal good speed 165 km/h we calculate: 200 km around, evening we charge home. Not realistic getting more. But is (long range, AWD)

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