Sep 15, 2020 - 01:05 pm

Chinese Model 3 subject to a few upgrades

Tesla is apparently preparing some upgrades for the Model 3 – at least as far as the version produced in China is concerned. Besides a reworked frunk and steering wheel as well as an electric tailgate, there are some indications that the electric sedan will also get a heat pump.

For the latter speaks among other things, a recently announced order with a Chinese supplier. According to this order, not only the Model Y but also the revised Model 3 could be equipped with a heat pump. Specifically, Tesla has placed two large orders for heat pumps with the supplier Aotecar from Nanjing. This can be seen from a company document of the Chinese company.

According to the paper, the first order was placed in May 2019 and comprises 200,000 units with a production start date in January 2021. These are apparently intended for the Model Y. A second order for 450,000 heat pumps was placed by the Californian company in May 2020 for a production start date in August 2020. Since Tesla has not yet started production of the Model Y, it is suspected – also due to the quantity – that these heat pumps will be introduced in the Model 3. It is unclear whether the upgrades will be limited to the Model 3 produced in China.

A heat pump provides energy-efficient heating of the interior, especially in winter. This means that electric cars require less power from the battery, which in turn means greater range.,,


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