Oct 31, 2020 - 03:31 pm

Fimer to release charging station portfolio

The globally fourth largest manufacturer of solar inverters, Fimer has announced its new portfolio of residential and commercial chargers. These range from smaller AC wallbox chargers up to DC fast-charging stations.

Boasting with an EV charging station installation experience of 30,000 chargers around the globe, the Italian company decided to use their experience and deliver their own set of charging solutions. After acquiring ABB’s solar inverter business in the first quarter of 2020, enough technical and practical expertise had been amassed to launch their own lineup.

The lineup includes the Fimer Flexa AC wallbox, the Fimer Flexa AC station and the Fimer Electra DC station. The Flexa wallbox and station charger are both intended for both residential and commercial use, while the DC fast charger is aimed at the commercial market.

Each Flexa model is available as one of three models, Stand Alone, Future Net and Inverter Net. These are then usable in one of four configurations (3.7, 7.4, 11 and 22 kW) and two options, with socket or cord. The company adds that offering connection and smart management with additional charging points, it is easy to install and maintain. Furthermore, FIMER stresses its commitment to green and sustainable mobility by making the wallbox from 100 per cent recycled plastic.

The Flexa AC charging station can also charge up to two vehicles at once, and can be further configured in two ways: “the first with two type 2 AC sockets, the second with one type 2 socket (power up to 22kW) and one type 3A socket (power of up to 3.7 kW)”. Additionally, the solution provides high levels of diagnostics that can “detect failures caused by external agents, activate relative alarms, and automatically return to a normal function once the emergency has been resolved”.

The Electra DC charging station can charge up to three vehicles at once, and is set up to allow upgrades after installation “to add power modules and increase charge capacity”. In case of power failure, the UPS power backup facility allows the transaction to be concluded and cables released.

Commenting on the launch, Gaetano Belluccio, Fimer’s managing director of e-mobility, said: “We are proud of our strong track record in harnessing the power of the sun for sustainable energy. The introduction of our new EV solutions marks a step forward in our ambition to drive a new era for e-mobility. It builds on our proven credentials in the EV sector, where we have already installed more than 30,000 solutions since 2017.”

Source: Press release via email


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