Nov 2, 2020 - 01:32 pm

UK: NewMotion & Osprey announce roaming partnership

The charging network operator NewMotion has announced a roaming partnership with the British charge point operator Osprey Charging, formerly known as Engenie. Under the partnership, 259 rapid connections will be added to NewMotion’s public UK charging network.

NewMotion has been on a steep expansion course ever since they were acquired by Shell back in 2017. Since then, the technological development was instituted to offer a variety of charging solutions, and partners have been found for roaming agreements and technological cooperations. Cooperations include partners from beyond the UK’s borders, such as Vattenfall, who is using the company to help gain a foothold on the island.

NewMotion also recently connected their 170,000th charge point to their roaming network and now counts over 3,000 charging locations in the UK.

Both partners in the current venture are also part of Hubject’s international intercharge network, a platform for B2B interoperability services with over 750 partners worldwide. This does not look like this will slow their momentum, as Alan McCleave, UK General Manager of NewMotion, says: “It’s great to see roaming partnerships are becoming the norm here in the UK as our EV market continues to mature and the need for easy access to charging infrastructure grows. Using Hubject’s intercharge platform to facilitate this roaming partnership offers a reliable connection to the Osprey network.”


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