Tesla fined in Germany over battery take-back


Tesla has been ordered to pay a fine of twelve million euros in Germany. The fine is to cover violations of the obligation to take back battery products. Tesla has already lodged an appeal against the decision.

This was reported by the German publication Welt am Sonntag about a report on the third quarter of the financial year submitted to the US stock exchange supervisory authority SEC. According to this report, the German Federal Environmental Agency (UBA) “has imposed a fine of twelve million euros on our subsidiary in Germany”. One of the reasons for the fine was that Tesla had not complied with laws concerning the “take-back obligations with respect to end-of-life battery products”. The fine was mainly related to administrative obligations wrote the SEC. According to Tesla, it has appealed against the decision.

The German Battery Act stipulates that manufacturers of electric cars must take the batteries back from their vehicles or appoint a disposal partner. Where or how exactly Tesla is alleged to have violated this regulation is not clear from the reference in the annual report. Tesla states that it continues to take back the battery packs from its vehicles. The Federal Environment Agency declined to comment when prompted regarding the ongoing proceedings by reporters.

The legally required take-back of battery packs does not only apply to cases when a drive battery has to be replaced due to falling below its guaranteed minimum capacity. It also stipulates that batteries do not have to be disposed of, but can be used in a Second Life application for years to come. Additionally, it addresses the issue of what happens to the battery in the event of damage, for example, in a vehicle accident, and who has to dispose of the battery. (in German),


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